Your Life Is Your Belief System

The Spartanite
6 min readDec 13, 2022

Your belief system is your WHOLE LIFE. Most people only believe their sheer unworthiness, but I, Spartanite — will embolden you to reach ALL your dreams. Even the ones you laugh yourself out of due to the masses telling you that you couldn’t do it. Give me your hand, be willing — and you will receive a Plutonian nuclear bomb of SUCCESS. You have to be brave enough to try! GAMBLE ON YOURSELF. PAWS UP. WOOF” — — YOU’RE WORTH IT — ME, NADIA ARAIN, THE SPARTANITE

Most people have a limit on their beliefs.


People often through sheer happenstance or through a trial period of their life, MYSTERIOUSLY find themselves at the MAISON SPARTY. They seem to remember and think of Spartanite when they TRULY need help, not the one that your scammer gurus online love to peddle to show off their rented cars and empty lives.

Maison Sparty is a unique place in which people see themselves clearly. Most run. Some stay.


My own House of Spartanite, is a delightful house with the smell of freshly baked yummy bread with that tasty salted butter you find in the fancy “gotta dress up to show up” hotels. It has rooms smoked with the incense of oud, inlayed with gold, and, carved of marble. Beauty and resplendence of the soul and the wares of this world, are abundantia.

Either way, Spartanite is rich, warm, and, inviting. I personally modelled Spartanite after my own multi-layered FABULOUS weirdo personality and looks and so far, so good.

The point is not about me, it’s about you.

So let’s take the pen out and do the X marks the SPOT for you today.

Cabal, Elite, your ruling 1% or whatever other fancy names they are known by — the generational ruling master psychopaths who have encumbered this planet DESPERATE to wipe out any sense of goodness and humanity have a magnificent plan in store for you. Like the open air prison they have made this Earth, they want you to be a slave on a planet that God gave YOU, rightfully. Financially, mentally, emotionally, sexually, physically — they want COMPLETE control over humanity. As every sicko, does.

Fortunately, Spartanite is based on timeless solutions of taking back your power and healing to rise into LOVE for yourself. Love and being neutral is the only thing that genuinely heals us as people. Each day, so and so stabbed this person, cost of living crisis, world is ending and in the words of Chicken Little — “the sky is falling”.

True to my downloadable PDF — navigating a world on fire, is based on your belief system.

In the years ahead, ONLY your belief system is going to save you from the hellhole they have planned for us all. As I enscribed my blog about the deep freeze chill — Duchess Bune, may not always be hot on timings (spirit and human times differ), and yet — in the UK currently, it has freshly snowed in most areas and people are finding food, shelter, heat — a situation fresh hell STRAIGHT out of insanity 101. You can catch up on that blog post, right here.

Bune is always accurate in her findings and one read of the above linked blog post is enough for everyone and avid readers of Sparty blog to know what is up ahead. It WILL be a luxury to buy cake and cookies soon enough, and countries …WILL…BE….EMPTY.

What comprises of countries?


You do the maths please :)


I recently watched a LinkedIn video about a woman I met when I was 24. My life was an engineered mess then, against my will — and I remember meeting her in Broadgate Tower, Liverpool Street -in the city. I am pleased to see her business idea took off very well and many women joined her.

Although, I can technically be considered “of that racial background”, I did not join because I don’t see things from a victim race based lens in life plus I don’t particularly relate to being brown and the paraphernalia of what it “means” to be such. I don’t have the crippling paranoia and low self esteem of “feeling left out in a room full of white people” — as the woman herself said, because NO OTHER HUMAN BEING has POWER OVER ME.

To be a Spartanite, is to be a GODDESS.

The women that come to her, surely look like me — dark hair and brown skin (although not really because my look is OTHERWORLDLY) — — they are victims and I don’t fit that mould. I am not a “poor little thing” and I don’t feel sorry for myself no matter what I have experienced or escaped in my life. I am a WINNER in all I do. I don’t think of myself as a “brown skinned woman” and poor me, “I’ve been SO hard done over” because life bends to my will and I MAKE IT. My complexion is IRRELEVANT to my success.

I show people from EVERY corner of the globe, MAN OR WOMAN — YOU CAN STAND UP AND MAKE YOUR OWN LIFE AS YOU SEE FIT.

Spartanite is global and loves everyone equally because to not do so, means I ADD to the already existing horrific divisions this world has.

In the video, (before I end up detouring and writing about Libyan politics…LOL), she says “it’s okay to pay for installment plans and no one should apologize”. I thought the woman was going to cry saying it and wonder what made her so emotional over it. I find people’s thought patterns a bit weird, because payment plans are NOT because you cannot afford it all in one go. It makes both fiscal and economical sense to spread the cost of something, to free up cashflow for other purposes. Of course, because we are living in SUCH a status dominated world, it translates to “non-affordability” which is strange, seeing I use them frequently myself to CRACKING success and it opens up a portal of organisation and streamlines progress. Many of my clients use it and they see so much progress which brings me to my next point.

“Oh, I know people have wrapped up their budget for the year and spending may be a bit tight”



I just wanted to slap the woman through the screen.


People, NOW MORE THAN EVER — are spending on things, including themselves. Spending is NOT tight, at ALL — it is abundant and money is everywhere. It immediately told me the type of women who come to her (victims) because for a victim, life is always against them and it’s never enough. I found it bizarre someone in business would even say people don’t spend at this time of the year — but this is how you’re fucking it up for yourself, folks.

I keep telling people, your life is gonna look like what you believe. Most people don’t believe in anything aside doom and gloom — woe is me, this happened in my past.

Yes bubba, plenty of unbelievable things have happened in my past. Things so harrowing and painful that I have to stop myself setting a house on fire when those feelings come up. I have to accept that it is my past and although it impacts who it shaped me into today — it does not CONTROL me.

It has given me the drive and fuel to create Spartanite and free so many good trapped people who come to me into their own life destinies. Trapped in different ways, not knowing their next step — arriving hungry and confused at the MAISON, replete with that fresh bread I tastefully described when you began this blog journey around 7 minutes back.

Gorge on the bread. Please, it’s just for you.

Ciabatta, Focaccia, — you name it, Maison Sparty HAS YOUR BREAD.

Do whatever you can.

It is possible.

Change your belief system, be as OPEN as you can without losing your morality


Stop letting people’s limitations and their low vibrational stink get on you.

You’re meant for more.

Stop trying to pretend like you’re average and you came here to just eat trash junk and die.



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