Using Your Survival Mentality + Mental Dexterity For Wild Success

“The biggest risk in life, is NOT to take a risk. When I entered the Qlippoth as a trained sorceress, or as some call THE QLIFA, it gave me immunity, cunning, and, protection — something I desperately needed in a world where I was left alone to navigate safety. You don’t know what you’re made of until you have something trying to kill you on a daily basis and you’re determined not to die at any cost “ — ME, NADIA ARAIN, THE SPARTANITE

Spartanite isn’t for the timid masses, and it isn’t for people for those who expect me to hand hold them however it is for people who refuse to take NO from an answer FROM LIFE. I created Sparty as a brand extension of ME, so Spartanite is ALL THAT I PERSONALLY AM. When someone sees that they CAN have a good life, they are deserving and worthy of stepping up, I usually show up like a shiny penny in their life.




Many people do not know how to live because they have no LIFE SURVIVAL STRATEGY.

They have never HIT a red line, they have never really lived or faced life.

You can see the fear in people’s eyes, they do not even fear others as much as they fear themselves.

I speak openly about my journey of being a DOMINA, a woman who had to face this world the way men are forced to face it, due to my life circumstances. I tittered between hopelessness and despair to someone who had all her teeth sank into a predator because no one showed me the ropes of how to survive. Spartanite was THE BIGGEST GAMBLE of my LIFE after everything was ripped and stolen from me through witchcraft. I lost my business (spa) I worked so hard to create, I lost my father, I lost my friends, I lost everything and everyone — money, stability, happiness, through zero fault of my own but because my psychopath aunt due to her incomprehensible jealousy and hatred of us as a happy successful family, tore everything away from me. She had worked against us as a family for decades and was determined to kill me, at ANY cost. After my Father died when I freshly turned 18, I was drop kicked into a pool of hungry ravenous sharks, and a type of insanity NO ONE can prepare for.

With a broken hopeless life, Spartanite gave me hope (Nadia means Hope) and I was determined to give OTHERS hope. Spartanite HAD to work, I had no choice. I was ready to defend it and take a knife, 5 summonings, and, break doors and smash windows to get to where I wanted to be. Energetically, I did just that to be where I am today which is why the magick I do is SO strong and effective.

I remember at 23 having to close my first business and knew I had about 30–45 days to live. With the mounting pressure of the 4 djinn attached me to, sent to kill me, I had to summon every shard in my body to fight 4 non human men on me 24/7, manipulating and controlling my thoughts. The djinn were sent to kill me and I told them flat out, I am not going to die. We wrestled and they were sick of the fact they couldn’t kill this human…WOMAN? Djinn are not used to human beings putting up a fight, let alone a woman. Most humans of today are not human anymore (DNA), and are very weak and easily controlled. The djinn met their match in me. I hope they hang my beautiful face up in a photo as a trophy to know not all humans are weak and some of us are still THE ORIGINAL.

I knew what the rest of what I was related to was, and I am not in the business of lying to myself the way most people are. With my Father not here anymore to protect me as the first line of defence, I was open game for abuse, control, and, violence. I refused to be a raggedy ann doll for the pleasure and humiliation of others. People (and most of my relatives) looked at me and laughed thinking I’d never amount to much as my Father was gone.

At best, I’d be a homeless peasant wearing rags and a prostitute, if I truly became desperate.

I refused to be financially and mentally controlled by ANYONE. When you come from a CLUSTER B family background (narc/psychopath), you run for your fucking life. Even during my exorcism when the djinn were pulled out of me and were refusing to leave clearly stating they had been sent to kill me, I still told the 4 of them to fuck off to hell and asked the Imam to keep going to free me as he was loudly reciting Quran over me to remove the djinn.

Today, I AM free.

As a young woman, I had to face everything head on with NO WHERE to hide. That is a large part of the personality people see in me today.

With newly redundant staff to pay, dead broke as the magick and djinn, was tightened to make me homeless and starve to death — and furthermore, have men come into my life to rape and kill me — I had to hold onto every cell not to die. I don’t wish this pain on ANYONE on this planet, and I pray no one is ever related to something so beyond evil, even demons asked not to be involved with that — and I always know most people would NEVER survive, let alone escape what I have seen.

I narrowly escaped jail because I pulled a desperate move that I had to confront and face with a financial company — and I consider myself LUCKY I didn’t face prison time. My staff was PAID and that was done. The company understood my circumstances and recently reverted back to PAY ME due to some “system error”. I was gasping for air, oxygen — anything to give me food, money and you name it. I wanted to die so many times and end it all, but the Spartanite inside me refused. A cousin of mine helped me with a place I had on my name, to release me from the bond and I was able to sign the agreement and keep pressing forward. I had no time to feel emotions, all I needed to do was SURVIVE.

This is merely around a year of my life I speak of above, and I have a life chock filled with insanity and trauma. — I am talking about however I learned at a young age WHAT people are and the reality of this world. I am SPARTANITE today because I am an expert in crisis management and I see people for exactly what they are, not what they think they will show me.

People never go big because they are so afraid to live.

I learned when I was at the engineered lowest point of my life that I had no one or no where to hide behind. I come from a very traumatic background and I will make this world my playground by any means necessary. Even with no money to eat or in my pocket, I would do odd jobs here and there, grab whatever shit it was — pay off insane amounts of debt and find money for a lipstick and a meal here and there. I prioritised my lipstick, my eyebrows, and, my nails during all of it — i’d be damned if I looked like trash no matter how INSANE I felt and how much abuse narcissists had put me through.

I boldly showed up to places I had no business being at. I should have been at home crying, tending to my wounds empty and finished, yet I didn’t care. I summoned the rage I encourage people to have for success today. I cried was when I would leave my job, sit in the car and let the tears stream down my face to the point I had to keep wiping them away in order to see the road ahead. I would sit and cry in the ladies bathroom at work and go downstairs again because I was determined to survive, determined to see another day, determined to be stable, determined to finally escape. Determined to have money in my pocket and a SELF GIVEN TITLE, I tore through everything. Literally. My numerous Scorpio placements helped me feel close to death and cheat it, every…single…time.

Success comes from survival.

When you are comfortable, you have no need to reach a certain state in life. You become lazy and complacent because nothing DRIVES you anymore. I fought hard to have days where I COULD lie in bed and just sob for all I have lost in my life, for all that was stolen and taken from me. Loss only matters when it is mental — after a while, loss becomes part of your life. Success, to a large degree will require you TO have a dysregulated nervous system in order to perform. I am an AWARD WINNING MENTOR because I have LIVED and I have escaped a life designed to kill me at close range no matter where I went. I remember the utter shame and terror I felt when I used to think how to share my story but my story is of power, greatness, and, glory — it would be a disservice NOT to share it.

I show MANY people the way, and create DEMONNESS COMMAND for both men and women determined to live life for THEMSELVES and not be a hopeless pathetic puppet on a string as the amusement of evil.

You are not an extension of what people want you to be as, and nor is it RIGHT for you to be as such. You’re not pathetic or weak like many people may have thought you to be, you are a human being with the strength and tools to reach your destiny. You CAN do it.

Spartanite is ready when you are.





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Providing Divine Empowerment For Bold Entrepreneurs. It’s Time To Walk With RAW, BOLD & UNAPOLOGETIC power. Inquiries at

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The Spartanite

Providing Divine Empowerment For Bold Entrepreneurs. It’s Time To Walk With RAW, BOLD & UNAPOLOGETIC power. Inquiries at