To Be a Spartanite Demoness and Live Bold — THE DOMINA LILITH

The Spartanite
8 min readSep 23, 2022


“To be a Spartanite Demoness, — a woman of her own category and league, is an acquired taste of blood. First, you are hated for having that type of personality and closely second, DEEPLY detested for having it in a woman’s body by society who ONLY knows a woman to be a meek quiet little follower with no threat whatsoever. Blood has to turn to nitroglycerin in your veins, to reach your destiny. Your fate is only determined by you and only you. In a cage of the living dead, where power is a terrifying and confusing emotion, you have your personality to fortify, your womb, and beauty to look after. To be a demoness in a female human body, is not for the faint hearted, there will always be people circling around to slice your throat and drink you cold” — Me, NADIA ARAIN, THE SPARTANITE

“You need to slow down and take it easy, Nadia. You’re obviously in a tremendous amount of pain, you’re young and you need to pace yourself”

A doctor said this to me at 22, and I simply looked blank at her and said thanks. I walked out, went straight home and found another GP to register with. I have no time for negative news in my life and I was in an incredible amount of spiritual and emotional pain. With layers upon layers of black magick, and djinn sent to kill me by my aunt, ONLY my spirit held onto life. She was determined to see me dead, and I was determined to live. She was forced to learn well upon her death, I am still here. Determined and vicious — I was young, and had no clue WHAT was wrong but I listened to my spirit repeatedly — and eventually climbed through some of the most difficult and ruthless parts of my life. My Father was taken from me BY HER, our entire family falling into disarray from her pathological jealousy and hatred of his success and power. I don’t negotiate with liars and emotional terrorists and when they come to drink my blood, they can either go home with the ketchup I provide, or drink their own. I bet it’s not AS tasty….

I openly state normal people would have been dead in my place a long time ago, but I am NOT NORMAL and I have no intention of ever dethroning myself to meet people in their listlessness. For the odd occasions, I did that — and I was brutally abused and attacked because the weak and powerless will find any chink to go for you should they see a modicum of weakness flicker in your eyes, when you lack ownership over your sovereign power.

Everything is well when your tummy is full, you have the money to buy food, afford your expenses, and are generally settled. What happens when all that is stripped away from you? Men usually tell to live these stories and even that, the man has to be a demon to begin with — not sitting and wasting his life away, PRETENDING he is doing something of importance. Women just sit there terrified staring blankly because as we know most women have NEVER needed to defend themselves through violence, ruthless looking after their beauty and dignity and escape situations commanding their death. Crying is the only answer, however for a DOMINA — crying and pushing ahead is what makes us a nuisance. We will not back down until GOD has decreed it is our time. People have to learn to come to accept that.

I have seen the lights go out in many people’s eyes and the majority of people who have met me, are either, scared, confused, threatened, and, my favourite jealous and intimidated.

(what the hell is wrong with this woman?)

To hear a mortal man of a personality like mine is a rare find, and seldom does one ever meet a Spartanite Demonness — so out come the chants — “you’re like a man” and “you’re too much”. For most people, daemonic energy IS too much + it is so intense and scary — they simply think you’re evil and avoid you. However in this world, no one gives you anything — and atypically only MEN say things like this so to sit so comfortably with my pink toes and pink girly sweats and write this — confuses people because, why the hell “does a woman talk like a man?”. Women are easily cajoled and scared by threats of a man not wanting them because society trains girls to see the man as the BE ALL AND END ALL of her entire damn life. When a Spartanite cannot be scared or controlled by threats of evaporating romantic liaisons because foolishness and weakness is something we do not tolerate, we are seen as “emasculating”. Go Figure.

No Sparty can ever emasculate a masculine man. We have no intention of doing as such. I have met quite a few. That is garbage from the 120 degree binbag that deserves to stay there, the men are not men to begin with and think we will be an emotional dumping ground to project their lack of ferociousness on. No thank you Sir, you can find tutelage for that.

Firstly, I have zero interest to be a man. I take pride in clearing that part up for people who secretly relish and please themselves, otherwise. I enjoy my pleasure and my body — my femininity has never been lessened because I am a DOMINA. I do all the feminine, womanly, and, girly things — get excited over doing my nails and sitting endless hours in the mirror primping and prettying myself up with the best makeup, perfume, and, skincare, and surrendering to the men WORTH doing so. A woman is told she is ONLY A WOMAN when she is weak, pathetic, and, helpless. When she lacks a brain, she’s not very bright, and, she is emotionally weak. That is the DEFINITION of what a woman IS, on this planet. A Domina enjoys red lips, pink toes, and orange blossom cookies, thank you very much. We never forget we are in the feminine body, first.

Any sign of vigour or life in a woman, is a threat for this world because a woman is only meant to live and die as property of a man and of society. Everyone knows my evergreen Sparty fuck you thoughts — on that :)

My paradigms and roadmaps I embody and teach people, especially women — is to COMMAND demonness power. Most women have NEVER experienced power in another woman, and a woman who possesses youth, beauty, and, fertility — so there is a confusion and resentment that comes as part of the territory. I learned to accept it the way I have dark hair. It is part of life. Women like me are HATED on this plane because we are the living proof, a woman can be more than just a owned prize poodle dolly. We have death threats put against us, men are terrified to date us (let alone wed us — yet we are always somehow in their fantasy time deep in their mind LOL), because there is no manual to encounter a Spartanite — people hire hitmen in a literal assassin or a trained sorcerer, and overall — you’re a menace that needs to be taught a lesson.

I have seen the misery and sadness in so many people’s eyes, so many women who get married to the wrong guy and are NOTHING but a fucking slave now. A slave with a little ring on their finger so society will clap as they go by. “Oh she’s married”. JUST LOOK AT HER. SHE’S A SHELL. She doesn’t have a husband, she has a brute of a master — an abusive man does not need to lay hands on you to destroy your spirit. Plenty pride themselves on torturing a woman’s femininity and emotions because that is ALL a weakling is capable, of. Weak men know themselves. Marry because you know a man will treat you with the respect and honour you DESERVE, not because you’re desperate to gain approval.

I have seen so many men squander their killer within, their potential, with a miserable bitchy wife, whose only outlet can be screaming at the TV or the football games they watch, and being a dormant lunatic because any other way to express his masculinity, has been stripped off him. Society has told men being filled with lava in their veins, is “toxic” or whatever other bullshit feminism trained men to slowly accept. Men have somehow come to accept that being lazy, fat, slowing down, getting off to all kinds of crazy porn, and, playing video games is normal. They eat shit, resemble shit, and wonder why women of worth and value — will never waste their time to look at them. These are the same men who feel overwhelmed by a DOMINA because oddly enough, we understand masculinity better than they do. It’s pitiful.

I have had to kill many versions of Nadia, many times over. Some in the space of a year, some a month — some a day. I have had to take risks so terrifying, I have thrown up numerous times after taking decisions because I knew what it meant for me ahead. I have been about a threadbare line away from seeing my spirit leave my body and openly told the people around me I was dying and gave my access passwords so they could do what they needed to, once my eyes closed forever. I had to learn what possibility in this world looked like — as a human being and as a woman. How far could my body go, how much capacity and depth can my royal womb hold — and how richly will I have lived before it’s my time to depart this plane?

Most people come to read my blogs and only like the idea of how I live. To be DOMINA, a Spartanite Demonness is the biggest blessing and ruthless curse one can never be rid of. It is powerful as it is isolating, it is enjoyable, as it is destructive. It is my life, and one I openly share with others — those who are not normal and find endurance mental speed their to go to do dish du jour.

Because the worst lies, are the lies we tell ourselves.

People come to me when they know it’s time to leave EVERYTHING behind for the person they were too scared to become. The person they were told they could never become by losers and cowards who gave up on their OWN LIVES.

“When you’re ready, there is NO misalignment. When you’re misaligned, it means you’re not ready” — KING BELIAL


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