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5 min readNov 8, 2021


“Navigating personal power is a challenging topic to write upon because the cold dark reality is, very few people are actually powerful. They just merely trick themselves to align with a world that will never have their weakness in the first place” — ME, NADIA ARAIN, THE SPARTANITE

We live in a material plane where the phrase “money is power” has been drummed into so many people’s heads, it has manifested a life of it’s own.


The interesting thing about power, is although finances can be embedded into it — most times, they are often not. Power, is an exceptionally Scorpionic trait, something Scorpionic based people (including myself) actually have a understanding over. I have a friend who although has had a tough life, is beautiful and powerful. She is intelligent and no job would have her, because she shares an astrological placement with me — a rare one indeed I have seldom seen in people, that is simply power personified. She won’t listen to people’s nonsense and won’t be tricked by their lies. and has asked me MANY times, why people have responded to her the way they have with me. When people think of the Axioms of power, they think of big boss CEO men in suits.

Perhaps — and yes, the men have access to big resources and large amounts of money but of course, it is no secret MOST of the Fortune 500 and 1000 companies work with evocations, spirits, rituals, and, the type of Spirits that will send people running a mile. When I personally see a lot of command in someone, I often know immediately it is INNATE and some work with magick, whether they wish to disclose it or not.

So what is POWER? The first concept of power is command. When you walk into a room, PEOPLE TAKE NOTICE OF YOU. You have BOLD PRESENCE and AUTHORITY — without saying a single word. YOU DO NOT FIT INTO NEAT LITTLE PREDICTABLE BOXES, — that people enjoy putting you in, so they aren’t walking around confused and overwhelmed by you.

I desperately tried to hide my command when I was younger because I am a woman and women are “not meant” to have this level of command, end of. I suffered a great deal from envy, and although it is still and will always be a presence in my life — it has become simpler to deal with. It has only been a few women in my life time whom I have seen have regal primal power, with, a terrifying and arresting presence one cannot ignore. It is even rarer than men having command. Command is not gender exclusive, it doesn’t abide by the hopscotch of life on the Playground Of The Damned — it is a bloodline power that follows in being well bred and marrying with common sense in one’s head. People, for the most part — do not like power. It is a threatening, overwhelming, and, intimidating presence, the made up bullshit rules are just that.


Power makes the majority realise how little they have contributed to life. Power is formidable boldness, fearlessness, and, courage — that no amount of money can EVER buy in the world. Money cannot BUY TIGER BLOOD. It can be used in a negative sense, domineering, controlling, forceful. For sure, we see plenty of power ABUSING their power they have over others — however the type I speak of here, is sovereignty. It is regal primal power, it is the power of command and of the gods, themselves. The reality of personal power is you will always be hated by most and the majority WILL see you as competition. I had to explain to my friend in no uncertain terms that working a job would be a waste of time for her, because people would always give her a hard time for being different (read : she’s difficult because we cannot trick, threaten, or, intimidate her). Power has rules that few people wish to discuss because to discuss them is to venture into a territory of being vile, brazen, uncouth and truthful — a type of TRUTH that is neither polite to discuss in polite society, and nor is it convenient to do so.

Power will also encompass a divine presence of rulership and royal elegance. When you possess Tiger Blood, you will ALWAYS be asked to “tone it down” so that the rest can breathe easy around you. This is not your responsibility to do so, elevate and find those who possess command so you’re not spending your life being a Ferrari around a Ford Fiesta.

I always was asked to “tone it down” and “you’re too much (for a man and generally)” — yet the funny part is that me “toning it down” would be akin to changing my hair colour from the root — it is impossible. Even though I went bottle blonde as I was, once upon a time, I would STILL emerge with dark roots, my real self. The reality of power, is the DIRECT evocation of utter jealousy, envy, hatred, scorn, malice, and, contempt because you cannot be STOPPED. People will desperately come with the worst of things to stop you but power and it’s innate command; can never be stopped, just like a dam can never stem it’s water with a tissue,. It is a magnificent free flowing water — a water with such magnitude, and vast power, you must simply revere and honour it’s presence.

When you’re powerful, you do not have to be petty. To be petty and all it’s assorted forms of childishness and insecurity — bragging, arrogance, showing off, is to announce to the world how much you need it and how much only people’s approval, will furnish your self image.

Royalty is not only crowned, and born into.


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