The mindset of a Manwhore and his arch enemy, Karma.

The Spartanite
3 min readAug 3, 2016

Manwhores. Man-sluts, whatever you wish to call them. They are here, there and everywhere. Most women fall for their narcissistic, playboy like ways and then complain when they get burned and desperately want the man whore to fall in love with them. Manwhores don’t fall in love on command. They are forced into love by their arch enemy, and what I deem — my best friend, Karma.

Men who sleep around and hop from one bed to the next, have zero remorse for a woman, her heart or the fact that God forbid, she has more than just a walking vagina with a pair of tits attached to it. They leave women with broken condoms, broken hearts, broken souls and I have known a woman or three who has actually committed suicide over the sheer pain that toxic, pathological men like these spread around, faster than the STI’s they probably carry. It is some sort of grandiose achievement to not only fuck women but fuck with their heart to laugh about it, until they meet one woman who flips the entire game on their head.

The woman innocently gets stuck in the trap and gets treated no different of course. But as I used to tell an ex manwhore friend of mine. “Be very careful of this game, one day you will end up the prey” — -and he did. He met this girl, left her and years on, he still mentions her. He regrets so badly what he did with and to her, how he lied, cheated, betrayed and played not only her but HIMSELF. He even told me how he secretly wanted to marry her, and no one but her because she was the only “good woman” who ever gave him time of day.

That has got to be some fucking sad shit.

Manwhores are SEVERELY damaged and broken. Jaded with multiple chips on their shoulders, they loathe and detest commitment because apparently being with ONE woman who actually cares about you as a human being, is a sin. All they can offer women is their dick, because how do you expect a relationship from a man who has none with himself? Men who chase women around all the time, are LOW VALUE and they demonstrate their low value through multiple partners at the same time, not to mention bragging about it. A seasoned manwhore brags about all the prey he has hunted down, fucked and tossed in the trash because more times than often, his primary relationship with a woman (his mother) is non-existent or severely abusive.

What’s really sad to witness that manwhores are the men who want the MOST romance and love in their life, but they are so terrified of losing themselves to the woman through their own control issues they refuse to sort out, they find it necessary to degrade women into thinking they are nothing but a piece of shit to them. The frequency on a spiritual level of a manslut is incredibly LOW hence he also too, attracts broken, damaged and very low esteemed women who desperately want him to love them.

If you’re a woman reading this and you’re tired of attracting “emotionally unavailable and whorish men” — the answer is simple. ELEVATE YOUR FREQUENCY ASAP. You do this through inner emotional work, spiritual cleansings and understanding a predator’s mind. You will find that manwhores will AVOID you, because after all — why would the Lion chase the fastest zebra?

It goes for the weaklings.

Same story. Be safe sweetheart and keep your heart and vagina safe too. They both rely and depend on your judgement :)