Ritualistic Sex Magick + Lilithian Money Energy Ritual

The Spartanite
5 min readAug 31, 2018


Sex Magick, has an interesting rap all throughout Society, especially with the Sacred Temple Prostitute Archetype, but what IS Sex magick and how can one use it for their own benefit to achieve Grand Success in life?

I decided to write this piece, as a Sex Sorceress, both in this lifetime and also in many previous ones, where I served at the Temple of Goddess Inanna, directly stationed under Goddess Lilith. I acquainted myself with their story of how Lilith befriended Innana, after their run in of Innana’s desire for a nice bed from the local Huluppu tree’s wood — not far from her place. Lilith was hiding in the tree, and Innana decided to take it upon herself to understand why Lilith had been demonized so much. After a long chat, both ladies agreed that Lilith would serve as Handmaiden to Innana.

As a Sexual High Priestess that used to heal both men and women in many of my previous lives, sexual energy is an energy I am most familiar, and initiated into, as an individual who has built a sizeable empire of this magick through ritualistic work that I have continued in this very lifetime of the present. I now create Sex Magick Rituals and our Exclusive Spartanite Sex Magick + Magnetism Bracelet for others to benefit from this empowerment, equally.

Goddess Lilith has many ways she can be summoned for use, not only from a Sexual standpoint, as ancient lore would have a person render themselves to. Lilith is actually also summoned for personal empowerment, femininity, and money. A Lilithian wife, is a true Consort of the Divine Masculine King, a man who is in harmony with his heart, his heart, and his cock, all in good fashion. Lilith creates true power for anyone, irrespective of their gender (man or woman), seeking and desiring superhuman freedom and power, beyond the mere mortal’s imagination.

Below is a short (complimentary) ritual that Goddess Lilith Desires me to share to the general public of a Money Ritual that is apt for those who wish to share a beautiful kinship with her.

Items Needed:

A green pillar candle
The sigil and enn of a spirit of wealth: Dutchess Bune (she works well with Lilith)
A green ribbon
Olive oil
Clear quartz stone
Planetary sigil of Jupiter
Magical square that manifests money

(You can download the sigil online through a quick Google Search + search for a money manifestation magickal square)

How to prepare the planetary sigil of Jupiter: Anoint this sigil with
the wealth oil, feel it enhancing the properties of Jupiter’s already
potent energy. Scry into this sigil and evoke the Roman god himself,
speak his titles and his known names, visualize him with whatever image
feels right to you and with your need for success and wealth, ensue that
to call to him. See and feel the sigil in your hand begin to flash and
when he arrives. Ask him to help your working and house his energies in
that sigil, anoint candle with strokes from top to bottom as you’re drawing
his energy to you

Place the candle in front of you and put the sigil of the entity( in
this case being Bune ) in front of the candle and place the magical
square at the back of the candle, making sure they are on opposite

Grab the clear quartz in your hand and raise it over your head, see a
pillar of green divine light fall from the sky and enter the clear
quartz, see it fill the crystal till it can’t take anymore of this
light. Really blast this crystal with that divine green energy till it’s
literally overflowing with energy. It’s intrinsic qualities of being a
good store of energy and an amplifier will kick in. Program this energy
to bring money, wealth and prosperity to you. As much as you need/want.

Place this quartz into your dish filled with a little quantity of oil,
state your intent over this oil and visualize the potent energies in
this crystal diffuse into the oil and leave it for an hour in the

Take your green ribbon and dip it in the oil, and then breathe on it, as
you do so you feel the prana of your breath go out and give your spell
the life it needs to succeed. Then tie this ribbon around the base of
the pillar candle.

Anoint the wick of this candle with a mixture of your blood and sexual
fluids, or your saliva and sexual fluids.

Take a $1 dollar bill (or anything of your currency, appropriate) and place it underneath the candle.

Anoint and activate each symbol used in this spell. You do this by
anointing each symbol with the oil, feel it heighten the vibrations of
these symbols. Feel the hum in the air, after anointing the symbols,
activate them by scrying into them. then place the symbols back in the
order in which they were removed.

Take the already prepared planetary sigil of Jupiter (see info on how to
do this below) and place it under the dollar bill, and place the candle
on top of both of them.

Anoint the candle with the oil, focusing on your desires and going in
strokes from the top to bottom because you’re drawing the energies
towards you.

After anointing the candle, call on Bune, do not have any preconceived
notion about her gender. I just use the pronoun “she” as a form of
reference, Bune has both male and female aspects to her. Vibrate her enn
and scry into her sigil, evoke her and when you start to feel her
presence, ask for her help in what you’re about to do, then begin to
structure him into the candle. Try to see and feel her energies
concentrate more and more into the candle till it acts almost like a
house for her.

Place candle with the symbols all intact in the north. Why? Because that
is Bune’s direction, the north is connected to the earth ergo wealth and

Let the candle dry and when the wick is dry, light the candle and
immediately you should visualize the color change from a red flame to a
green flame in your minds eye.

Speak your intent before the candle ( what you want ) and say this

“Rech al vaskallah sumere
Duos et metere”

Let the candle burn down in the north direction and leave it undisturbed
till it dies down itself.

This is one of the MOST effect Lilithian Ritualistic workings, that combines Money and Sexual power combined.