Persistence, Life Goals & Business Velocity

The Spartanite
5 min readJan 6, 2019

It is not always simple or easy, rather; to be persistent with your Life Goals.

You probably have a small laundry list of all the things you wish to achieve and that list intimidates, and daunts you. There is just so much to do, and not enough cash, or not enough time; or worse, both. When you see someone who achieves something monumental (or rather for the reader who considers a specific achievement as monumental), it has often been an overnight success.

And by overnight I mean AT LEAST a DECADE.

Good businesses, take atleast a minimum of FIVE years to settle in.

This isn’t me saying One cannot have a Successful business before then, however crossing the Self-Employed to Business Owner, is genuine hard work, and then to MAINTAIN that train of thought and move things ahead — is nothing short of a miracle. Business IS, hard. It is supposed to be exactly that way because it keeps people who aren’t willing to do the work to transform themselves (lazy people, in other words), out of the Spheres of big money. It is often MUCH simpler to work a job and have guaranteed pay, as opposed to a Business; where let’s face it (for all of us who know), you will work FREE for many, many months or even years minus a break. That is genuine dedication to a movement, a message, a goal; that One wishes to achieve.

All Business owners and Entrepreneurs, have low and off days. People see us as this glamourised person who is swinging from the trees, kicking ass, getting shit done ; and that is not often the case. It takes a lot of courage to build a business, have the foresight, patience, and vision to execute on the plan you have created, deal with the daily slaps & rejection you receive whilst it grows and evolves as well as handle teams, travel, and keep the inspiration fresh. A person who works for themselves learns to do EVERYTHING well, before he/she chooses to delegate out and fast to people. Chances are, if you’re an employee reading this ; someone had an IDEA they moved ahead with and created job openings for you to apply, for.

Creating jobs is a BIG deal in a dead, stagnated, and bankrupt economy base — where the national deficit has crossed over the Trillion threshold.

One of the major traits that separate those who succeed from those who don’t, is Persistence. Persistence, comes from Discipline. Discipline comes from a self-controlled mind. Most people have little to no control over themselves. They live a miserable life, work a miserable job, have a miserable partner and wonder why they are going NO WHERE in life. I encourage you reading this to get very ferocious about your money by possessing the DISCIPLINE to hold onto it, and the FORTITUDE to put it in the right places. One cannot possess Business Velocity if you do not have the brainpower and strength, to move when needed; and equally, stop when required. A lot of people wish to build a Business, quickly and in a rush. You wish to make X amount by X, because your desire to AVOID the process of getting acquainted with the intimate frequency of money, is what holds you back from it. Yes, as one makes bigger sums, you can move faster — but don’t lottery winners move faster too? Albeit, straight into bankruptcy.

Being successful at and in Business, is a skill of possessing genuine Wealth Consciousness. In fact most Financial tangents that go haywire in a Business, come from mismanagement of money, in-appropriation of funds, and a lack based mentality.Growing into Prosperity, takes TIME. You will have many layers of your behaviour you need to shift and change, by firstly identifying them.

Most people are exceptionally unconscious to their private emotions and hence your shadow “governments” (Latin for controlling the mind — wow what a shocker…) and the puppets dancing around spreading their Agenda, control you and all your little strings. Learn to Govern yourself and be SOVEREIGN. In other words, REIGN ONE’S SELF.

Business is meant to be audacious, fun, and inspiring. It is also supposed to be hard work, because building a road in the middle of a forest, takes vision, effort, and time. This is often why lazy people simply become envious of Successful people, they aren’t WILLING to make the effort to change their lazy Self. Velocity in your life comes from three things, the ability to move quickly & rapidly when you are presented with an opportunity, the ability to be stable financially (basically be SMART with whatever amount of money you have, big or small) and being able to make level-headed clear decisions that do not resemble you jumping off the Empire State Building, on an emotional level.

There are many people who say Business is easy, Business is simple. It is EASY to say that as you build your business structure into something that is very strong, solid, and your ability for receivables and deliverables, increases. From the moment I read someone saying “Business is easy and making money is easy”, I run. Making money is SIMPLE when you understand the Laws of Prosperity as documented in Spartanite Pre — Wealth, but they are not EASY. Having the Discipline to stay on track, is where most people fail in life. Nothing is EASY in life. Things are simple, yes. Not Easy. Woe betide the fools who spread their glittery nonsense to rope you into a programme, a sale, a something — by selling you cheap lies that appeal to your vanity and furthermore, your Stupidity.

If you invest in a weight loss programme, and you did not follow it to the tee (that’s the goal of most businesses, they know people are lazy anyway), IT WILL NOT WORK. Guess what? Disgruntled people complain things don’t work, because THEY THEMSELVES DO NOT WORK. I will never forget someone said to me about one of our Store audios “well it didn’t work”. So I asked “Did you follow the FOUR pointers and do the mini exercise, every single day — as we asked you to?”.

The obvious answer, was No. The person hadn’t even bothered LISTENING to the audio, and just bought it because it “looked interesting”.

You cannot expect results and do the same boring bullshit you have been doing, and expect to change. That isn’t how life works. If you want to invest in something, work with it, move with it, and become IT.

Your future Self will thank you very soon.

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