How To Stop Being A Victim & Create Your Best Life

The Spartanite
5 min readApr 18, 2019

Victimhood is addictive.

Like chemically, addictive.

Like mind numbing pleasure addictive.

Okay, you get it 😀

Victimhood is a funny thing. Being someone who was once a victim, I can attest to the fact that victimhood keeps us where we are at. As the saying goes “It is not your fault if you are born poor, but your fault if you die that”. I wholeheartedly agree, although this post isn’t about money (and yet perhaps may make references to it a fair bit). ALL successful people, including myself, that I know of today — have had to overcome HUGE hurdles designed to stop them. There is ONE lynchpin that is the mother of all pains and grandiose evil in your life, that you will just have to face, in order to become the best version of yourself.

Being or playing the victim, is often seen in abusive relationships. Having left behind many of these dynamics, wholeheartedly I can tell you that victims absolutely feel that their abuser SHOULD treat them right. Abusers have no business treating you right. They are damaged and CAN NEVER EVER TREAT YOU WITH LOVE AND RESPECT. You attract an abuser into your life, because your frequency has to manifest an experience where you can LEARN to let go of attachment to someone changing (assholes never fucking change) and truly begin to create a life for yourself. There is no where worse than I see victimhood, than the ad hominem attacks on those who are visibly successful and are wealthy. Sometimes I just go on Twitter to read the trolls whilst eating a sandwich for lunch. There was a guy who even said “the poor shouldn’t be allowed to vote because shit if you cannot even get your own damn life together financially, what business do you fucking have trying to explain your 2 cents to anyone in the country?”.

Someone needed to educate him (I believe he was way smart after reading his other sites on the matter), that if voting counted for anything, it would be illegal. Like Antarctica. But that’s for another story. The elite have designed voting to give the modern idiot the thought that their little vote counts for something — repeat after me, the sheep of the world. I digress. Whilst what the man said was really harsh and discompassionate, on a VERY deep level — what he said made sense to me. Money doesn’t allow for victimhood. The butthurt comments in the section below, was a different story. I have been so broke personally, after I was forced to lose it all -I couldn’t afford a sandwich — so NOT having money, is a real thing.

STAYING in that mentality, a whole another story.

Victimhood is dangerous because it permeates into EVERY part of your being.

I have never felt shortchanged by men, hence I am not a Feminist and do not subscribe to the ideology of hating men, because well; I don’t. I have never felt shortchanged for things MOST people often complain about because I don’t present myself like a victim. You can always hear victimhood in someone’s tone, speech, and mannerisms. They never feel like has been “fair” to them. I will never forget when someone said that I was “lucky to have Spartanite”. I didn’t even bother responding. I have had to, not only walk over burning coals to reach Spartanite but to eat them as well. However, victims cannot see any struggle, except their OWN. When you stop blaming people, you will start to live. My whole entire life was destroyed by one person from my estranged relatives, it doesn’t mean the individual is going to stop me from living my best life. She already took enough away from me, including my Father, I was determined never to be a vibrational matrix at a 3D Hologram level (in Simply English, I mean; never put myself at a level where anyone can ever take advantage of me again).

Please stop feeling sorry for yourself. Please stop. We all have terrible wounds to endure for things that have happened to us, and use your healing to rise out of the pain, shame, and sadness. An example I often give is socialism and being single. Socialism, is put simply, a cancer. Being single, is not. Socialism is this stupid notion where everyone can like “be equal” financially. LOL. Society isn’t about equality. Wealth inequality IS being equal, because money ONLY goes to those who make the effort to show up for it. Women don’t sleep with lazy, worthless bums (but women of today are another ballgame, so there’s that) because they have not made an EFFORT. Victimhood is basically not making an effort. It is easy to slide into a mentality of “well so and so had it good, because their parents were rich, or they had this or that” or whatever else that people justify their victimhood with.


When you put into it, is what you get out. Stop waiting for people to show up great, stop waiting for someone to give you that “big break”. Stop waiting for the day you’re “fully healed” to begin your masterpiece. Just stop waiting. On God, had I “waited” to heal properly, I’d have never built Spartanite. I built this wonderful piece of art when I was broken, bloodied, bruised, broke, confused, alone, lost, and ashamed. I only had Spartanite book to go by. I was desperate to do something to make me feel whole BY HELPING OTHERS. Victimhood is you expecting yourself to be some form of “perfect” to deserve something. You have to heal from inside to know human perfection is ridiculous, and we are all struggling with something in some way. Victims love complaining and having this needy, puppy dog, doe-eye type of energy, something where you innately (without realising) end up feeling so fucking sorry for them. Don’t feel sorry for people.

You’re robbing them of the RIGHT to be a HUMAN BEING. A powerful one, at that. Empower them. Tell them to stand up. Reward them for showing up and not coming up with a Simon Says list of 50 excuses of why they couldn’t. Victims love the fact they above all, feel the right to feel sad and not be criticized.

Improve yourself. Improve yourself. Improve who you are. This world is a huge place. Choose wisely.

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