How to Heal Narcissistic Abuse & Reclaim Your Power Back

People are always seeming to get altered states of mind to access their spiritual abilities. Drink this, smoke this herb. Whatever.

There are TWO ways to access your own psychic gifts and fast. Neither of them, is without a price.

  1. Endure extreme abuse/trauma to a point your mind can blank out and dissociate in seconds.
  2. Have sex with someone who has very strong sex magick fields (usually the fastest way to unlock a man’s ability (kundalini) through a gifted woman)

Now when it comes to healing narcissistic abuse, there are MANY misleading things people are going to find out online. There are processes and stages that this torture has to be healed with. Just like the poison courses through your veins slowly, removing the poison also comes in stages. I look at many Instagram accounts online dedicated to exposing the narcissist con-game, a game played by both male and female predators, however done in different ways. It is MUCH harder to spot an abusive woman to the untrained eye, than it is, for a man. An abusive man is easily spotted by those of us who have eyes to see. A woman, not so much. That comes with experience and time. People often ask me what the solution for a narcissist should be. Raging at them is one thing. My favourite is calmly popping them into a vat filled with bubbling, boiling acid and watching their entire body being slowly corroded by the acid. Among other things. The magickal arts takes care of those who abuse others. I pride myself on this.

There are stages of healing that come with time. They are among the following :

It is sad and unfortunate that most people simply either get stuck or trapped, at pointers 3 and 4. ALL of these pointers are what I have experienced personally and any time I look to work with people to heal them from narcissistic trauma. Many items in our Store are fantastic to take your power back, CUT them out of your life permanently, create strong barriers and shields, and finally empower yourself to live free and not as a result of the consequences that they leave you with. I am proof of having a thriving life after abuse, and I encourage any person who has TRULY been wronged to know that you CAN find happiness and peace, after this monsters have left your life. I am related to predators (a whole tonne of them and I ran away to save my life), I have “dated” predators under duress of djinn and magick, and I have years of knowledge and insight into what makes them tick, what their own weaknesses are, and how to create IRON RING shields to stamp them out of your reality forever. Good luck trying to get those these force fields.

I want to say that pointer 3, is the place where I usually see people get stuck the most. The body goes into freeze mode. You have been emotionally devastated and frozen up so much, that you are now struggling to retain composure to fight.

Abuse destabilizes and removes polarity from all your chakras. In simple English, this means; you feel unstable to trust yourself, feel guilty, and ashamed for what you have gone through with yourself. In order to MOVE through these stages, you have to make the CHOICE to feel again. Even the steps from 4 to 5, are frightening. Rage is not simple to deal with. It courses through your blood, and this is the point you can EASILY kill someone. I know these feelings well.

I was working for a company once and it took everything in my self-discipline not to strangle the incompetent manager, who worked there. One day, she was talking and I walked out of the meeting half way. She saw it as rude. I saw it as “I had better take myself for a walk before I kill her”. I was in a healing stage and needed to be left alone, she kept coming up with incessant nonsense to irritate me. I acted on the rage by fully accepting my mission for Spartanite and pouring all the heat, lava, magma, and burning rage to create a platform for Justice and Empowerment. I hurt no one. I healed myself and have healed thousands who come to us.

It is very normal to feel that your pain and anger, will never subside. And the truth is, you have to let those emotions run free. You have to accept you were wronged by a predator and you feel THEIR shame on the inside. Your rage is MEANT to look like a volcano and molten lava pouring out of it. If it is not, you’re still in stage 3 and you will have something SNAP inside you that will propel you into action. Be patient! 🙂 If you are a survivor of abuse and trauma, you will by nature, have trust issues. By nature, this world looks suspicious and frightening. I get it. It takes one cunning asshole to completely shatter your faith in humanity. Worst, if it is in your family. And let me be the first one to say, it ALWAYS starts with what you see at home or what you’re related, to.

The empowerment of the Energy body, is simple. You have to keep your aura clear, educate yourself, and use heavy powerful magickal shielding to keep these sickos away from you. There is NO other option. Why do I say this? Being attacked by a predator, is PSYCHIC attack. They form and bond cords to you, to attack you. You rush to please them from the trauma bonds of anxiety. Ripping these cords out, is no joke. I often perform this work for people and have to do it in a calm fashion. When I had my own ripped out, it wasn’t calm. I nearly died. The spirits I work with cut my actual heart chakra, sliced my physical heart and it caused internal bleeding and bruises around the bottom of my left breast for days.

What did it feel like? Like I was physically dying. I was shaking and my body went into shock, convulsed, and I passed out on the floor. I was 26 and it was a week after my birthday. One of the BEST birthday presents my Spirits gave me 🙂

Thankfully when I do cord cuts for people, none of the above happens! They will feel lots of emotional release but they are okay after it. My case was extreme. I want any healthy person reading this to keep building up their boundaries to say no, stand tall and firm in it, and let people who don’t honour them, LEAVE.

Abuse leaves you feeling very lonely. You feel vulnerable, ashamed, and sick inside yourself. This is a normal part of the healing process and healing TAKES IT’S SWEET TIME. Each day, when you make decisions to empower yourself, you’re doing fantastic and brilliant. Know that there ARE good people out there, and it takes everything inside yourself to push to heal, to receive this support. You will have people you feel strong, and capable around. These are the only people that you need to keep in your life anymore.

What does FREEDOM look like after abuse?It looks like climbing Everest when everyone told you that because of your “bad leg”, you will never make it.Triumph, GLORY, POWER.

It looks like a strong, capable person. A person who is capable of REAL LOVE, COMPASSION, HONOUR, TRUTH, &, JUSTICE.

No matter how dark your life looks like today, I want to take this point to remind you the sun WILL SHINE FOR YOU. It shines for me (because I removed all the shade blocking me from it) and it will shine for you too. Just promise both of us, one thing?

Never treat yourself the way the abuser treated you. Make them HATE YOU for escaping them and being living proof they could NOT crush you 🙂


Click here for Narcissistic Cord Cuttings To Freedom

Click here for Predator Block & Flush Bracelets ( available for both men and women)

For SERIOUS mentoring inquiries, spiritual/business consultations, writing projects and custom ritualistic work, feel free to reach out to me for assistance.

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Providing Divine Empowerment For Bold Entrepreneurs. It’s Time To Walk With RAW, BOLD & UNAPOLOGETIC power. Inquiries at

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The Spartanite

The Spartanite

Providing Divine Empowerment For Bold Entrepreneurs. It’s Time To Walk With RAW, BOLD & UNAPOLOGETIC power. Inquiries at

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