Energy Harvesting and How They Do It

The Spartanite
2 min readDec 12, 2016

The best way to pit a nation of people’s, is to pit themselves against each other. Natural Law states that there is definitely a right and a wrong, but with this whole 50 Shades of Truth bullshit going on, I see this all the time. When the elite are low on energy, they have created their propaganda to harvest energy. Sort of like how when they show a wedding or a funeral and MILLIONS of people “tune in” — -(tune into the energy vortex more like), to participate in often the Black Mass Energetic Ritual, that very few are even aware of.

I do not watch prime time TV programmes because of this. I get all the gossip from trends on Twitter and I watch as people fight like fools amongst themselves as the elite have harvested their next round of power and energy. I may just be one sovereign, but I refuse to pour any energy into a ritual that is not of my doing and my wanting. In order to understand this, you need to have a very strong understanding of Natural Law, Occult and Psychic ability. All human beings possess this and yet, your minds have been hypnotized beyond measure.

The average adult of today has the attention span and critical thinking,of a 6 year old. This is absolutely by no accident, hence it is very wise in an Orwellian age to keep your views, thoughts and opinions very personal and to yourself. All types of things are very much leading you to give your most important possession away, and that is your God Given life force. I remember once watching someone’s Youtube channel and he stated that you need to come to a point where you are an alien in this world, something a mentor of mine used to say, and often. I can definitely see the appeal of it and see why it was mentioned.

Be VERY cagey not only about who gets your attention, but how and why.