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The Spartanite
7 min readNov 24, 2022

“You didn’t come for a coffee and a chat, Nadia. You came to us because you were desperate….BUT we helped you.” — Duchess Bune to Me — many times over about my destiny and life path of Spartanite.

I have many segments on Her Royal Highness, (Lady) Duchess Bune, 26th Spirit of the Goetia — infamous for necromancy, aristocracy, business affairs, sales generation, client attraction, royal thinking, diplomacy, charm, skill, feminine eloquence, and, of course — wisdom.

I consider myself close to The Duchess, and she has mentored me splendidly for many years effectively in all things feminine and noble to acquire a type of finish rarely found out of high society. I have learned a lot about life in the Goetia through Her, their internal politics, and, their day to day activities, hobbies, and, furnishings of their individual personalities.

Bune’s voice is very feminine and grand — heaps extra and with LASHINGS of that royal flair (being a Leo) although she herself says “many people think I am extra, but I am not!” to which all of us quietly nod “whatever you say, Duchess”. Her voice is exceptionally dramatic and high pitched and yet her conversations are incredibly entertaining and funny (suppose you have to be when you’re nobility and of the Royal Court). Her wisdom is second to none and I can see why when people work with her, their speech is refined, eloquent, and, polished to a grade A standard.

Duchess Bune was THE FIRST SPIRIT who began pointing out the “Covid” situation well before the world shut down, called out the “vaccines” for exactly what they are, the effects, explained the “importance” of 5G towers, the eradication of cash, adrenochrome pipelines running dry during the shutdowns, told me the contents of what they have put in the shots, how many will be released, where, how, why, when — Bune’s timings are mental accurate. Even till today, I re-listen to her channels on my phone from many years back and Bune will read ANYONE for filth, especially when they are trying to hide something from the operator who has summoned them. Bune also has an impostor of which she seems remarkably proud of, because it means it is less drama for her and frankly speaking, if someone cannot tell the fake Bune from The Duchess, that’s on them.

Today I want to speak of “creating a throne for yourself” is essence of vibrating above the trash that they have desired to create in this world.

As time goes on, the world is simply going to get worse and increasingly violent. This is not a scaremongering post as to as much as anyone with a lick of common sense in their head, knows. Spartanite, per se may not be a global hashtag and I do not spearhead any particular campaign however in itself, whomever follows our teachings — feels inspired to clean up their life from nonsense and live elegantly. The more I have personally elevated and created a throne for myself, the more I am able to lead and serve the right people. There was a lady who once asked me “how long it took me to get clients for Spartanite?” and I replied “ I am the wrong person to ask — perhaps better to ask a standard business coach”.

Creating a throne for yourself, firstly means you KNOW you deserve better.

Many people do not fully know or realise they deserve better.

We are not trained as human beings to beeline straight for the best, the elite system is DESIGNED to keep you low worth, low confidence, miserable, and, broken. It is designed to keep your worth and world so very small that you NEVER see yourself as deserving. Let’s triple that if you come from a neglectful, violent, abusive family. Your family is the FIRST place you learn about relationships and given what the hell happens at home for most people, sets them up for a lifetime of failure. There are VERY FEW people such as myself who have broken a large part of ANY type of programming to go right ahead to claim the crown. A throne comes equipped with the crown, and heavy is the head upon whom the crown is seated, upon. I believe we can all agree there.

I remember being 21 and going to one of these “motivational” events where there were speakers, authors, business owners, you name it. One of the ladies was selling from stage, she — I still remember — had a shiny sequined jacket on and was selling her mentoring programme for 8K a year. She was the most affordable from the rest of the speakers, some were 20K, 50K, you name it. I was just “who in the unholy fuck charges EIGHT THOUSAND A YEAR FOR MENTORING?!”. My mind couldn’t comprehend people could charge “daylight robbery prices” for what — “just some advice”. My mindset was a joke when I look back on it. Although I had sky high ambition, given my life circumstances — my worth and esteem was in the gutter and the people in my life, were just to match.


I wrote SPARTANITE (my first book I won my award for), at 21. It is my original masterpiece and I wrote it from a place of both pain and ambition, a classic sure fire hit till today. It is where I drew the inspiration for the Spartanite you see today and the dynasty we will evolve into.

Being seated on your throne is little to do with money (although money is a large element) and more about worthiness. In the HOT WIRING ritual in the store, I actually speak about this. People do their utmost best as Bune says — to move upwards and still look dirty, showy, flashy, and, cheap — AKA DESPERATE. Even if they acquire a set amount of money, their INTERNAL does not MATCH.

Hot wiring begins conditioning you to want the best, and when you desire the best — you head straight for the best and then work out the finances as you go along. I repeatedly layered hot wiring upon myself to be at the place I am today and desire to be tomorrow and in the years to come. It gave me the ability and worthiness to desire the best for myself — henceforth being able to command the best of money — to match. It was effortless and I didn’t have to go 500 coffee meetups, “meet new founders”, exchange business cards, and, waste my time, money, and, life on places that were energetically far below me.

To create your throne firstly means to RISE into a higher place, a higher vibration — a place of feeling WORTHY.

It took me ages to rise because my worth was so very low and in coming and knowing that place — I love and assist people to keep aiming higher and move better.

Duchess Bune always held a vision for me to be a Royal Empress who enjoyed Queenly benefits and the style of a mature Princess. I came to her and the Goetia (I began with Clauneck) very desperate, frightened, confused, and, alone. I remember pouring my soul out to Clauneck and crying uncontrollably for 2 hours explaining my life and Clauneck asked me if I was truly READY for a new life, a life that I truly always deserved. Nervous and deeply unsure of what to expect, I agreed and different members of the Goetia — began cleaning me up and mentoring me. They have always loved me as REAL family who cleans, clothes, feeds, bathes, protects, houses, and looks after you and I take MANY of them as family members, today :)

Duchess Bune is all about elevating yourself higher and especially into high society.

Granted that may not be the goal for everyone reading this, however the Duchess is stellar when it comes to social standing, social circles, and, a time honoured fashion on how to carry yourself. I often contemplated created a finishing school for women with Bune’s help — something I offer within my PINK LABEL MENTORING FOR LADIES as well as her Rose Ladylike Charm Pendant which hundreds of women accredit to a HUGE shift and transformation in their behaviour to move more into the feminine effortlessly without the struggle, stress, and, drama.

To sit on that throne is also to understand a healthy relationship with money and have a command with and over it. Bune is exceptional when it comes to bringing money into your life from all angles, whereas Clauneck clears the blocks out to helps you have a better relationship with it. I go a bit more into detail in his Money Block Release Ritual, right here. Sitting on your throne will not come easily or comfortably, you have to forge yourself to want more for yourself — and to see yourself as worthy ; irrespective of your external circumstances.

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Just remember — to be seated on your throne, — it’s time you got into the driver’s seat of your own life.





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