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4 min readJun 17, 2021

Cages are a funny thing.

Few notice they are trapped in one.

As humans, we are so used to a cushy life, perhaps a comfortable hell we have endured that we have come to discover that auditioning for love, performing for a mediocre sub-standard garbage response from the walking dead, is how to live life.

Often a time, I am able to clearly see the cages of people around me.

Wisdom bestowed upon my discretion, a person has to pay me first to reveal their invisible cages.

Why? Because no one listens to free advice.

It is free.

One of the toughest things to sit with, is humility that sources from honesty; one that common society and it’s inhabitants desperately drown in alcohol, loud music, promiscuity, and, fake relations (you name it, and it’s there), to keep up the appearance of happiness. I am personally truly hard pressed to find people who are happy in this world because the few good people we have left here are in hiding.

The current state of humanity is at it’s peril. We have tried to save those unwilling to listen, and their time has come to be on their own timeline. We can only wish them the best and know to run before they begin selling us on the black market for a sandwich. Laugh all you may now, the time WILL come people sell each other for sex, drugs, food, and, other “unobtainables”.

So we’re back at the junction of breaking free from your cage.

The trouble is, you don’t know it’s a cage.

You’ve trained yourself to accept misery as your normality. Abuse as your standard day to go.

“Oh but Madame Arain, I haven’t been abused. I wasn’t hit or yelled at much”.

Aye yes. But you have been ignored, invalidated, dismissed, put down, criticized, and, demonized. You’ve been neglected too, and you’ve learned to make EXCUSES for those who have failed you. All those are perverse and twisted forms of abuse, ones that carry a severe penalty for those of us who practice the Dark Arts. You have been threatened, subjugated, controlled, and, have had to manage your tongue, your mouth, and, your expectations to fit in a lunatic, nonsensical society that has rewarded you with tidbits of “belonging” and a temporary relief of loneliness.

Breaking free of your cage is not simple because people will FIGHT to the death to preserve their cage. With bleeding sulphuric tears down your eyes, you claw up enough determination and rage to subvert any lesser thoughts holding you back, you, yourself, and, any spiritual maladies that have been programmed into you. Humanity has been fucked for eons, we’re at the last stage now.

So for each of you that reads this, let this be an open letter for you :

I may know you personally. Or deeply.

Or intimately.

Or not at all.

I may have had a coffee with you, given you a kiss on the cheek when I saw you last, or, think of you as you show up in my mind.

What I want you to remember, is that few can ever break out of those cages.

The cages that have been placed on us as human beings to strip us from our humanity.

So you must come to a decision today.

Will you allow your love or your shame to take over?

The shame of doing the wrong thing, being at the wrong place, being guilt tripped, humiliated, and, taken for granted?

Will you choose to just message the person you’re dying to message? Will you find the courage to leave the relationship/marriage that is destroying your soul?

Will you respect yourself enough to find another job or make the plunge to have your own business?

Will you find the will to fire the client who bullies you? Will you discover the power and liberation to break free from abuse?

Will you find the dignity to address yourself with love and kindness? Will you know a fake user in your life and know when to let your OWN self go?

Will you have the determination to succeed yourself? Is it within you to break that cage?

That cage is going to take everything out of you. That cage, that situation you desperately keep putting off.

The cage controls you, and you KNOW it.

And yet, year after year — breaking free is my specialty.

I have done it for myself from EVERYTHING that entrapped and enslaved me.

You fear that no one can help you.

We can.

That it just another scam.

We have countless reviews of our outstanding services.

That no one will ever understand you.

We will always seek to understand and validate your hurts, fears, and, pain.

That all people want is your money.

We charge our value allowing you to receive the very BEST of us.

We understand and will help you heal.

We know your chronic ache and for us, it’s only the first step to recovery.

Of course they will. But the irrelevant, always do. It’s part of life.


It always is.

Welcome to my lair, now, and forever.


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