Disclaimer : This blog is a cross between my personal thoughts as a Sorceress meets Entrepreneur, Writer meets Beautician, Psychic former model, meets Wealth Consciousness. It is informative, arresting, and, provocative; I have designed it to be Dish De Jour — as of such. I am a Spartanite who lives in multiple worlds at one present time, time is not linear — it is merely planar.


The fall of the USSR was interesting. A whole nation that overtook and ruled many Eastern Bloc countries, leaving it’s influence there, till today — today still holds…

“If you’re not mainstream, stop going round letting mainstream people telling you how to live” — ME, NADIA ARAIN — THE SPARTANITE HERSELF.

As Sparty Extraordinaire, one of the biggest breakthrough moments of my life was understanding that when you have SOUL DARKNESS, you require a different set of skills and cognition to get by in life.

When I was younger, I was bored stiff of this world. I knew I was different, the problem was I didn’t know HOW and I belonged NOWHERE. …

Cages are a funny thing.

Few notice they are trapped in one.

As humans, we are so used to a cushy life, perhaps a comfortable hell we have endured that we have come to discover that auditioning for love, performing for a mediocre sub-standard garbage response from the walking dead, is how to live life.

Often a time, I am able to clearly see the cages of people around me.

Wisdom bestowed upon my discretion, a person has to pay me first to reveal their invisible cages.

Why? Because no one listens to free advice.

It is free.

One of…

“Je Suis Grand….et…”

And realistically, the sentence can stop there. “I am grand, and…”. And people come to realise no matter how many cute mind control memes and “self-help books” they read, they NEVER feel WORTHY of anything good. So they put up with shitty friends, relationships, relatives who should have their photos placed next to the “blood sucking leech” in the dictionary, bosses who wipe their feet on them, not to mention people who drain the life out of you, at a romantic level.

We severely LACK that GPS direction I often speak about with candor and boldness in…

There is a tonne of mindset work on the market.

None of it is unique, elegantly styled, or, done in an revolutionary manner — that elicits much shift in a person’s approach to life, sadly enough.

In fact, so much so that “self-help” is a billion dollar industry. Yogis, coaches, healers, gurus — you name it, and it exists. People are lost in today’s world and need genuine help to assist them in making sense of their life, a GPS, if you will. A few moons back, I wrote the article on LIFE GPS and inspired by that very article…

Considering that Victimhood is actually learned helplessness, it is a condition that through determination and self-effort, can be fixed.

Many people stay stuck in their lives because they simply lack the ability to see the glass half full (optimistic thinking), so to speak. This does not cover the round of toxic positivity. Toxic positivity, tells you to dismiss and avoid things that are gnawing and eating away at you on the inside.

At any given time, a person can be dealing with all different types of things in their life, and when that train wreck hits — it often derails…


Plutonian energy is one of those energies people try so hard to hide.

I remember writing the Part UNO a long time back (click here to read), and received an incredibly stellar response from many of us who crave and enjoy the (forbidden) darkness that the soul provides. Most people are not deep and do not crave intense soul blasting darkness, which is just as well. Polite society does not function well with what is hidden in the shadow. …


It’s that elusive topic that everyone thinks about and yet such few actually understand what it is, and how it works.

Part of the understanding of money, is literally unlearning everything that modern society teaches you, because you are programmed to struggle, live a mediocre boring (read : safe) life, and live average. This is why so many people’s eyes give away an air of quiet desperation, instead of a fierce determination. They basically have nothing to live for AND THEY KNOW IT.

Many people are addicted to financial chaos, because it gives them a sense of intensity which…


Although much has been scribed on Winning in all Spartanite work, the groundbreaking best-selling book featuring Clauneck himself , there are always more tenets that require your attention through both the ascent and descent of human nature, itself.

Clauneck has a very good handle on Financial Wins. If I wish to ask anything Financial, out of all the Legion, he is my FIRST point of call. He has helped me stay firm and mentally grounded when it comes to money as well as teach me strategy, methodology, and, detail. After all, he IS a Virgo lol.

Today however, I wish…


You, if we look carefully, have the tendency of saying…

“Well, if it wasn’t for this person, I’d be different. I’d live this way, be this way”.

The reality and truth is, no one held you back, as much as you held yourself back.

Yes, people can (and often will) inflict damage. Most people aren’t willing to tell you the Truth, because they do not LIVE the truth and furthermore, as we are all aware of ; the Truth is not profitable by a large amount. Until and unless you are really firm in your line of work. Denial, as…

The Spartanite

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